Fumiko Tachibana's
Happy Memories and "Thank you all!" (photo: June 2006)

Mikiko Imamura-Seyller sensei, then-chair Carlos Gomez, Professor Monique Atkins.
Thank you for being there to support me at the ceremony!
Mikiko-Sensei passed away two years later,
Monique had her house burned down in the San Diego Fire in the fall that year 2006.
I hope she is well now, wishing to reach her!
Carlos retired the following year.
I can't say enough how much I appreciated their friendship

Distinguished Faculty Award at Palomar College
Page 27 of Telescope (Official) / Screen Shot

My heart-felt appreciation also goes to the following inspiring teachers whose kind heart still remains in my heart when I look back upon my life in the US: Takako Izumi sensei, Mikiko Imamura sensei, Poet/Professor Steve Kowit, Prof. Manuel Cortes, Dr. Carlos Von Son. I miss them all so much! My big thank you also goes to Dr. Dan McLeord, Professor Emeritus at SDSU, the most important person who gave me an initial support via SDSU. He is very well and active in La Jolla. With
all my love and appreciation. The classroom was my favorite place where I could be myself. The most active period was at Palomar College (1999 - 2015) after all my life was spent in the college classrooms in Japan and San Diego. Students were my Takara-mono. I had the pleasure of winning the Distinguished Faculty Award (http://www2.palomar.edu/pages/dfa/previous-recipients/) for my commitment in teaching (perhaps recommended by the students I taught. I was also recognized the following year 2007 by the Board of Directors of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce as Palomar college's Most Distinguished Faculty the following year. Wonderful Memories!

Lighthouse インタビュー記事 12/2012
Asian Heritage Award
Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley in 1995. anthology inclusion/ Other Side River
Reviews on Other Side River

Old Photo Album
Some voices from Students

Fumiko's publications

My short poem "Lead Me to Henrinji Temple" was put into opera by Mr. Burton V. Foreman.
This music was to be used for a new movie by Tokuma-shobo but unfortunately it did not happen
as it was supposed to. This song was one of the three songs performed and recorded
by the Radio and Symphony Orchestra of Krakow, Poland in mid 1990's.

My Happy News update:

I am directing San Diego Japanese Speech Contest since 2008, after Japan-US Center has closed their activities including this speech contest in 2007. It's our community service.

1) Zane the winner of SDJSC 2019 has just won the ALL USA High School Japanese Speech Contest

2) Carlo, the college level winner of SDJSC 2019 has landed in Sapporo. Will explore the northern part of Japan this time!

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  • このころ、古典学者の亡父橘健二(新編大鏡  栄花物語 UCSD Library Data)は喜んでくれ、
    この時着ていたオーバーコートは父のギフト(笑)。 記念になるので追加しました。




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