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Who is Fumiko

Fumiko was born in Mie and grew up in Nara, Japan and studied English Literature and Creative Writing while attending universities in Japan and in the States at different times. She became an English language professor, starting at a public high school and then moving on to national universities after obtaining a master's degree. After moving to San Diego in 1990, she was employed to teach Japanese by a private high school in La Jolla for several years developing a Japanese program in the 90's. But due to the school's political environment she changed her direction and left the school. After taking a year's break, she taught at Mesa College, Cal State San Marcos,  lastly  at  Palomar College as a Japanese language professor. At Palomar, Fumiko received the Distinguished Faculty Award in 2006, also in the following year she was recognized by the Board of Directors of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce as Palomar College's Most Distinguished Faculty. She enjoyed teaching languages as well as cultural exploration. For a decade, she took her students to Japan every summer.

In 2008, she was asked to take over the chair position of the San Diego Japanese Speech Contest when Hisako Coox resigned after chairing for 11 years (1996–2006). Fumiko have served as a chair and directs the annual event till now since then under the North Park Lions Club (2017 - ) as non profit event. She has two grown children. She's been retired nearly a decade now, Fumiko enjoys playing the violin and piano, exploring cultural differences of people throughout the world through poetry, music, and language. She was once recognized as one of 36 Japanese women poets in the anthology "Other Side River" (Free Verse (Rock Spring Collection of Japanese Literature) published by Stone Bridge Press in Berkley in 1995. She sometimes enjoys the revision of the past work).

Currently she is getting ready to start a youtube project combining music, poetry, and English language education.

tachibana, Hisako, and friends

Fumiko, Kate, Hisako, 2013

North Park Lions Club:
Eye Glasses Donation Drive June 5, 2021
Video made by Fumiko

June 5, 2021, NPLC Club House on Utah St.
Dr. Knott on the right with Napoleon the great

Fall 2019 North Park Lions Club Booth at North Park Farmer's Market

December 21, 2019 at 4:01 PM

Dr. James Knott, Hisako's fiance, was here at North Park Farmer's Market.
Hisako (Cooks) was the founder of San Diego Japanese Speech Contest.

video made by Fumiko Tachibana

Archive Below


Hi, I am Fumiko Tachibana.


In front of Howard Brubeck Theatre at Palomar College

Distinguished Faculty Award Recognition Celebration

Photo from left to right:
Mikiko Imamura Seyller sensei, CSUSM,
Department Chair Professor Carlos Gomez,

Monique Atkins, Palomar College.
Mikiko passed away two years later,
Monique had her house burned down at the SD Fire in the fall
Carlos retired the following year.
I can't say enough how much you all made me happy.
Thank you for your support!

I wish you were reading this page. My heart-felt big thank you and
gratitude more than words can express to you all.
I miss you all!

Screen Shot

 My deep appreciation goes to the following inspiring teachers whose kind
heart still remains in my heart when I look back upon my life in the US:
Takako Izumi sensei, Mikiko Imamura sensei, Poet/Professor Steve Kowit,
I miss them all! My biggest thank you goes to
Dr. Dan McLeord, professor emeritus at SDSU, who kindly
offered an initia and official support at SDSU. The classroom was my favorite place.

My most active period was at Palomar College (1991, 1999 - 2015)
after I taught for many years at high schools and colleges both in Japan and San Diego.

I had the honorary pleasure of winning the Distinguished Faculty Award
at Palomar College where I finished my career. I was also recognized the following year
by the Board of Directors of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce as
Palomar College's Most Distinguished Faculty.

Wonderful Memories!

Meet Your Facult :Fumiko Tachibana

HMV & Books Bio

Lighthouse interview 12/2012
Asian Heritage Award (appeared in JSSDT)
Anthology inclusion: "Other Side River": Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley in 1995.
Reviews on Other Side River
Old Photo Album

voices from some students sdjsc_voice.htm
Books:Fumiko's publications, etc.
Started in the summer of 2014
Participated in the orchestra

June 2018

February 2017

Poetry Reading Circle of Tokyo
with then-Princess Michiko

Poetry Reading Circle of Tokyo 1987

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Kenji Tachibana
橘健二 (古典学者)

UCSD Library
新編大鏡 ( original version appeared in early 1970's)

"Alice in Nara" is Fumiko's autobiographical story, a memory with her father,
originally written in English which came out in 1981. This story won a writing contest in 1982
which came with a traveling award. She misses those exciting memories, winning trips and cash prizes^_^.
This is the prototype image behind her love for the Speech Contest
she has been in charge of for decades.